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Lynda Lambert on Dr. Matt Koltz, DVM

Linda Lambert

I am a FEI competitor, trainer and beginning judge in the discipline of Dressage. I've had exposure to various equine dentists in Southern California and throughout the Midwest.

Dr. Matt Koltz

Dr. Matt Koltz

Dr. Matt Koltz recently came out to work on my horses for the first time. He is a strong asset to Dr. Henry's dental team.

His experience growing up and working with horses is evident. His calm, confidence transfers to even the most anxious,  young horse. I know this first hand, as I watched him calm down my 5 year old who lacks confidence in strange situations.

He is very thorough, well studied and extremely knowledgeable. His attention to detail uncovered an issue with one of the horses, he made recommendations for treatment and was able to cite the outcome potential from clinical trials. A doctor who practices evidence based medicine is important to me,  as I have a medical background myself.

Dr. Matt administered treatment and as a result, the horse has made an incredible turnaround in acceptance of the bit and correct contact. She is a different horse to ride laterally and longitudinally. Now, she is easy to flex and bend to the left with just pressure of my left leg, hardly using any rein. With the tension gone from her jaw, she now has true relaxation throughout her top line, more swing and stride.  Was always willing but now she is a very happy girl under saddle!

I have all the confidence in Dr Matt to do a very good job and would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants the best for their horse.

Brandi Miller on Dr. Travis Henry, DVM DAVDC DAVDC/Eq

Brandi Miller and Rojas

Dr. Travis Henry, DVM DAVDC DAVDC/Eq

Dr. Travis Henry, DVM DAVDC DAVDC/Eq

Dr. Henry, I just wanted to send you a up date on my mare, Rojas. She is anglo/arab and her teeth were so bad you had to pull her tooth in Arizona at Southwest Equine.

Since then Rojas has gained about 100 pounds. She is so kind and soft-eyed. Sometimes hangs her head over the fence -- she never did that before!

On April 29, 2017 I rode 25 miles in endurance took 3rd place and Best Condition. On May 20, 2017 I rode 30 miles in endurance took 2nd place and Best Condition. On June 17, 2017 I rode 50 miles in endurance took 12th place. The next day I rode 20 miles taking down ribbons from the ride.

What you did for me and my horse I can’t thank you enough. I have been having so much fun with her. She is a joy to ride.

Thank you!

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