Small Animal Clinic Visits


Our clinic requires a consultation with every small animal patient. At this time, Dr. Henry will perform a head-to-toe exam along with a complete conscious oral exam. After the exam, Dr. Henry will discuss his recommendations for treatment. We will then generate a treatment plan for cost.

If you choose to proceed with treatment, we will schedule the procedure for a future date. We will often perform pre-anesthetic bloodwork the day of the consultation, if a procedure is scheduled. The consultation usually takes around 1 hour. Please plan on bringing vaccination history, recent previous bloodwork, and any pertinent medical history.

Animals, unlike humans, won’t consciously tolerate oral examinations and treatments. For the safety of your pet and our staff, every small animal procedure will be performed under general anesthesia.

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork

Each patient is required to have bloodwork performed prior to their procedure. This ensures that your pet can safely process and eliminate the anesthetic agents. This will also help verify if there are any other hidden illnesses present.

Bloodwork can be performed at our clinic or at your referring/general practitioners. If you choose to have bloodwork performed by the referring/general practitioner, it should be performed within 1 month of the procedure. Please email results to

Small Animal Procedure Day

All of our small animal procedures are one day procedures. Please plan on bringing your pet to our clinic between 7-8 am. At time of admit, we will review the consent form and discuss a discharge time. Most discharges are usually between 2-4 pm. Please plan around 15 minutes for admitting your pet to our clinic and plan 15-30 minutes for discharge.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

Night before your pet’s appointment:

  • Please do not feed your pet any food after 10pm
  • Water should be available
  • Give any prescribed medications
  • Please inform us if your pet has not been acting normal.

Morning of your pet’s appointment:

  • Please do not feed your pet
  • Water should be available
  • Give any prescribed medications
  • Please bring any medications your pet should receive while being at our clinic

Clinic amenities

Some clients choose to stay in the area or at the clinic while their pet is having their procedure. To help make your day stay more comfortable, we have recommendations for food and local attractions. At the clinic, we offer free wifi, refreshments, charging stations, snacks, and a semi-private room for working.

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