Part 4: Periodontal

The fourth component of the oral exam is periodontal status. Gum disease is common in horses, and is one of the most painful dental conditions horses can have. It is a common misconception that this only happens in older horses. However, young horses can have gum disease as well, which is why oral exams in young horses is so important.

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Part 3: Occlusion

The third component of our oral exam is occlusion. Occlusion means examining how the teeth are aligned in the skull. Deviance from normal can result in malocclusions, which can cause problems for the horse if not addressed.

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Covid-19 Updates

A Message to Our Valued Clients We have been monitoring the Covid-19 situation and have been trying our best to serve our clients and their animals. In light of the recent developments, the government has extended the stay at home order and are insisting that we refrain from routine dentistry and only perform essential procedures. […]

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