Dr. Henry & Dr. Rice to speak during 2016 WVMA Conference

2016 Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association Conference


Midwest Equine Services staff to present on a variety of topics

Dr. Travis Henry and Dr. Molly Rice of Midwest Equine Services will serve as presenters at the 2016 Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association Conference this October at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Both doctors will give multiple presentations in the Large Animal track on Thursday, Oct. 13. Details on each doctor’s respective sessions can be found below.

Dr. Henry’s presentation schedule

  • 1 p.m.: EOTRH Explained in Practical Terms. Equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis is an important disease affecting many older horses. Current knowledge of the disease process, diagnostic and treatment considerations will be discussed.
  • 2:45 p.m.: The Fractured Tooth: “So what is the big deal?” The presentation will describe features of different fracture types seen in the oral cavity of the horse. The appropriate diagnostic procedures and interpretation will be discussed along with treatment planning.
  • 3:55 p.m.: Periodontal Disease: The Scourge of the Horse. Periodontal disease is a painful, debilitating, and frustrating disease that is progressive and will end in tooth loss. We will discuss the importance of early identification and provide current treatment methods that aid in management of the horses oral health.

Dr. Rice’s presentation schedule

  • 8 a.m.: Equine Dental Anatomy: It’s Really Not That Complicated. A pictorial review of dental terminology and tooth anatomy will provide practical examples of dental anatomy in practice.
  • 9:10 a.m.: Component-Based Oral Exam for Horses. The foundation of excellent modern dentistry is a complete oral examination. A five component oral examination will allow the clinician to create a thorough evaluation of the horse’s oral health, leading to improved treatment planning and oral care for the horse. Case examples will be presented for all five components. Recommended instrumentation will be discussed.
  • 10:30 a.m.: Why do I Hate Taking Radiographs of the Horse’s Head? Equine dental radiography can be an important diagnostic tool in practice. Positioning and techniques for taking standard dental radiography views will be explained. A systematic approach to interpretation of films will be discussed, with case examples.

View the full list of the conference’s speakers and presenters.

For more information on the conference, visit the WVMA website.

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