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Basic Dentistry

We provide routine dental exams and floating for horses at your facility or ours. We also provide routine dental care for dogs and cats at our clinic facility.

Advanced Dentistry

We provide advanced dentistry services for horses, dogs, and cats. These services include radiography, endoscopy, endodontics, periodontal therapies, oral surgery and sinus surgery.

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Who we are

At Midwest Veterinary Dental Services, we are veterinarians who are passionate about providing the highest quality and most current dental care for our patients. Our doctors are passionate about learning and researching the most current techniques in veterinary dentistry.  We are dedicated to educating veterinarians in all aspects of dentistry through continuing education seminars and labs.


Meet the Midwest Veterinary Dental Services Team

Equine Dentistry Services

  • Routine Dentistry
  • Restorations & Endodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontics
  • Young Horse Dentistry

A good, thorough dental exam should be done at least once a year for most adult horses. In some horses, we recommend dental work to be done every six months.

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Horses can have decay happen to their teeth, similar to people, which can cause cavities or exposure to the vital portion of the tooth, the pulp, which may potentially lead to the fracturing of a tooth and/or other problems.

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Midwest Equine Services offers both basic and advanced extraction services, as well as performing sinus surgeries on those horses that need them.

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Horses can get periodontal disease (gum disease). This may occur for various reasons. Equine teeth are unique in that they continuously erupt into the mouth.

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Dental examination should begin at birth. When your foal receives his first wellness examination at birth, a brief dental examination should be performed at that time.

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Small Animal Dentistry

Providing routine periodontal treatment is key to ensuring a quality life for your pet. We are here to help provide the needed services to prevent and treat this disease.

What our clients say

Excellent care of horses, thorough explanation for owner, great facility. Received a courtesy call an hour before the appt. as Dr. Rice was running a few minutes late, the staff and Dr. Rice wanted to make sure we would not have to wait too long. Now that is customer service!

Joanne Q.

Evansville, WI

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Dr. Rice was helpful and understanding and willing to answer many questions. Mike exuded calm, stable, loving support for Cisco before and during the procedure. Rachel was warm and fabulously accommodating and friendly. Mario and a woman cleaning stalls whose name I don’t know, were helpful as I was unhooking the trailer and Mario had to help me get the ball unstuck. (Lesson: always travel with WD-40.) Everyone made a stressful situation as comfortable and reassuring as could be and I’m grateful.

Lisa Z.

Viola, WI

Superior veterinarians that specialize in dental work. Have always had the best care for all my horses. Would always recommend as horses deserve to have good teeth.

Ginny A.

Rockford, IL

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 13, in Scottsdale, Arizona, you removed 4 teeth from my Half-Arabian Samson, age 22. I want you to know what you have done for us. Samson is doing beautifully. He eats with enthusiasm once again. His trot is back to zippy. His eyes are brighter, and his demeanor has its lightness back. He seems to be a much happier horse; it’s almost like you turned back his clock a few years. We are so lucky that we were able to come to you for this procedure. Thank you a million times for using your expertise to make Samson’s life better. We are so fortunate that Dr. Conway sent us to you, and we thank you for your wonderful care.

Kaye C.

Tuscon, AZ

Appreciated being able to be with my horse. Excellent problem-solving with presenting problem. Really liked having wi-fi hot spot to get work done. Thank you.

Mary Jane S.

Oconomowoc, WI

Dr. Henry is obviously very learned in his field! He was extremely thorough and professional yet conversed with me in “layman’s” terms, and was very friendly. I feel confident that my horse received excellent care from him.

Diane S.

Eagle, WI

I have been fortunate to work with Midwest Equine Services since 2005. Dr. Henry was recommended to me by another clinic for an older horse I had with some dental issues. Sadly this horse had a tooth that had fractured into the jaw. Without Dr. Henry’s professional skills, this horse’s outlook was not positive. The situation turned around soon after Dr. Henry was out and I have had quite a few years after to enjoy our 4 legged friend. Dr. Henry has been a savor for all of us here.

Midwest Equine Services introduced Dr. Rice into their clinic and I cannot say enough good about her! She is very knowledgeable, caring & professional to work with. I have really grown to depend on Midwest for not only our dental work but also our routine (and sometimes, not so routine) care.

My life, and my horse’s, are better because we have all of the staff from Midwest in our lives. I could not be happier and relieved to know they are there when I need them!

Lisa D.

East Troy, WI

You removed my horse Mason’s remaining upper incisors in late November 2013 due to severe EOTRH. … It was so exciting to see him drive for grass this spring – you’d never know he doesn’t have incisors! … Again, I want you to know how much I appreciate the patience you displayed in helping me be comfortable with this difficult, frightening decision. The outcome has been very positive!

Linda F.

Madison, WI

I was amazed at what took place and totally impressed with your professionalism and expertise from the minute you drove in through receiving the call from Dr. Henry checking in on Sonny before he boarded his plane!

Sonny was just fine last night and this morning he was back to his normal routine! Thank you all for taking such good care of him during the procedure and through his recovery. I appreciated everything each of you did. You are a great TEAM!

Mary Kay G.

Manhattan, IL

It is always great work by the team, so glad to have them caring for my barnies. Thanks much!

Katherine R.

Deerfield, IL

Always happy with their services. They are responsive, prompt, professional, friendly and exceptionally skilled in dentistry.

Barb S.

Mt Pleasant, WI

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